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Working alongside charities, the CJS and health and social care organisations across the sectors we provide experienced and skilled edge to edge services with a focus on governance, strategic direction and Board interface and upskilling, compliance, workforce development, growth. We also specialise in PCAS and PBS.

We offer help with quality, audit, strategic and business planning, workforce development, restructuring, networking and commissioning support. Without wanting to sound big headed (well maybe a little) we are good at what we do and pretty passionate about it to boot. Passionate also about equality, kindness and humanity.

All delivered with passion, joy and commitment.

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What People Say About Us

The Proof is in the Eating of the Pudding. Or Something...


Sue Clifford FInstLM

Chief Executive at No Offence! CIC

Bernie recognises what is important to make a difference and quietly goes about making that happen. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable and insightful and her expertise and dedication make sure that she achieves her goal, for which we are very grateful. Bernie is a wonderful person and an important member of our Advisory Board.


Robert McCrea BA Hons MIOD

Change Management Consultant and Interim CEO

I have really enjoyed working with Bernie. Her diplomatic skill, ability to get to the root of the issues and work with us to come up with creative solutions is excellent. A very cool head at dealing with complex issues and a strong ability to support others in their development has made Bernie a tremendous asset to our partnership work.


Bill Puddicombe

Consultant and Interim Executive

It isn't often that one gets to work with someone who actually carries out the tasks they say they are going to carry out, when promised. Consequently it was a joy to work with Bernie - who not only delivers but does so with exceptional good humour and a great way with people...not to mention a supply of good coffee.

I would recommend Bernie to manage and complete complex projects in difficult environments.


Paul Curd (managed Bernie directly)

Chair at Carers’ Support East Kent

June 8, 2020 - I worked with Bernie for 18 months when was Chief Executive of an organisation that I subsequently Chaired. To be honest, it was Bernie's drive and commitment to the 'cause' that persuaded me to take on the role of Chair. Under her leadership the organisation was turned around, with her calm, unflustered and congenial approach improving staff morale and raising quality standards. She is especially good at building strategic partnerships and collaborative working relationships, and it was always a pleasure working with her.


Adam Colthorpe (reported directly to Bernie)

Director at South Kent Mind, Nest + Grow CIC, & Sailfin Ltd.

June 9, 2020 - Under Bernie's leadership, South Kent Mind turned a corner; developing a greater profile, beneficial partnerships, and expanding our network of contacts and supporters beyond anything managed previously. I learned more about leadership, support, and encouragement through working with Bernie than I had from any study or previous employment. Bernie is a highly competent, strong leader who works collaboratively and brings the best out of any team.


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